Information About Our Escort Models

  • Encounters escort models are 21 or older.
  • Encounters escorts are legally permitted to work in the United States.
  • Encounters has completed a full background check on all its escort models.
  • Encounters escorts are fully trained on how to be an escort model and are fully aware of what the law permits them to do and not to do.

  • Escort models do not carry any cash on them and do not make change for clients.
  • Encounters Escort models exercise complete discretion and professionalism by honoring the clients’ right to privacy.
  • Encounters escort models are not permitted to change rates or give discounts to clients upon arrival; only Encounters Management may ever do this, so please do not ask or harass our ladies regarding this.
  • The escort models are hired to perform a job by offering their time. Please understand that they are not visiting clients on a personal basis. They are not to receive clients’ phone numbers and they are not permitted to give their personal phone number or contact information to Encounters’s clients with the intent to perform escort business for clients outside of Encounters, as these acts constitute stealing from Encounters and may either: cause a client to be banned from using our services in the future or cause an escort model to be removed from our listing of services permanently
  • All escort models reserve the right to have a security personnel or driver accompany her to the service address, These individuals may wait outside of the private residence for the escort model. They will not enter the client’s private residence UNLESS the time paid for has elapsed (they may knock on the door(s) first before entering); or they have very good reason to believe that the escort model’s safety is compromised. The client agrees to this upon booking and paying for our services.


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