Clients’ Rights & Responsibilities


Florida State and Local Laws Governing the Provision of Escort Services

Encounters (and the Escort Models who contract with Encounters) are fully licensed to provide escort services. While we understand and respect to the fullest our Clients’ rights to privacy and discretion (see our Confidentiality Agreement here), neither Encounters nor the Escort Models with whom we engage will be persuaded to jeopardize this status.

We want and value your business; however, we want and value our business more. We have very many happy repeat clients. Without their business, we would be unable to operate.

Each and Every Client Encounters has, or will, ever serve, has gone through the exact same verification process. We understand some potential Clients find the verification process “intrusive.” Encounters does no more (and no less) than what is required under the law. While we abide by the law in all regards, we are in no way affiliated with or connected with local, state, or federal agencies. We exist in harmony with the authorities because what we do is not illegal.

The Verification Process

  • All clients must be 21 years of age or older to use the Company’s (“Agency” or “Encounters”) services.
  • Encounters reserves the right to perform a full background check on all clients prior to sending their escort models to them (by contacting us the client understands this and upon booking the client agrees to this). This is for the escort models’ security & safety only. This information will not be shared by the Agency with any party, except insofar as is strictly necessary for the escort model to lawfully perform services or to comply with a valid warrant or court order.

All clients must provide the following information to the booking agent or manager upon requesting our services:

  1. Their full, legal name,
  2. Date of Birth,
  3. Their home address that is the one listed on their valid ID,
  4. The address where the services will be performed,
  5. Their driver’s license number, and
  6. Their primary phone (the phone they will be using to secure booking).
  7. Clients must show a valid ID to the escort model immediately upon her arrival PRIOR to commencement of services. If the information on the ID shown to the escort model does not match what was given to the booking agent, Encounters will ask the escort model to leave unless the matching ID is presented to her.

Scope of Services and Terms of the Contract

  • Client understands that he must pay the escort model PRIOR to services beginning.
  • Clients shall not attempt to negotiate rates with the escort or entice the escort into entering into any sort of “side deal” with the Client. This constitutes both a breach of the contract between Encounters and the Client and Encounters and the escort model. The escort model is there to perform services and is not an employee or agent of the Company (“Encounters”). Therefore, the escort model does not have the actual, apparent, or implied authority to act on the Company’s behalf or to bind the Company in any way. If you wish to discuss additional hours, multiple hour discounts, or future bookings, please contact the Agency at (239) 440-3195 and we will happily accommodate your request.
  • Client understands that if Client requests the escort model engage or participate in any illegal act (“illegal” being defined as anything prohibited under federal law, state law, or local or municipal laws and ordinances) upon the escort model’s arrival, this constitutes a material breach of the terms of the contract for the provision of escort services, and Client agrees to pay to the escort model the “Cancellation Fee” as specified below.

Cancellation Fee / Liquidated Damages Provision

Due to the amount of time and effort Encounters and the escort model expend verifying, booking, and traveling to the Client’s residence, Encounters and the escort model reserve the legal right to retain deposits as liquidated damages or to pursue collection in court for breach of contract. Under no circumstances will this fee be less than $200.00.

Client and Agency agree that, for the following reasons, these damages are impossible to quantify with specificity.

This fee is not a penalty, but is merely a fair approximation of the Agency’s and the escort model’s costs (for the escort’s travel), compensation for the booking agent’s and the escort’s time, and a fraction of the Agency’s and the escort model’s lost revenue due to the escort model being unavailable for other appointments.

Our Clients’ Rights

  • It is the Client’s right to receive a full hour (or however many hours that he books and pays for) of the services that he has paid for and no less, subject to the following exceptions:
  1. The Client tries to engage the escort model to participate in illegal activity,
  2. The escort model becomes uncomfortable due to the Client’s behavior,
  3. The Client engages in behavior that places the escort model in reasonable apprehension of bodily harm, or
  4. The Client acts recklessly or compromises the escort model’s safety.
  • It is the Client’s right to receive the services advertised on this site; no more, no less
  • It is the Client’s right to refuse services if the escort model that he requested is not the same one who shows up. Encounters will confirm the correct escort model with the client in writing via text or email. If that particular escort model is no longer available by appointment time, Encounters will notify the client and offer another escort model. Encounters will not send a different escort model to the client without his knowledge and consent.
  • Being on time. Our clients reserve the right to expect the escort model to arrive on time. As with any other business, we pride ourselves on professionalism and our escort models understand this. However, as you know, there can be unexpected events that may cause our escort model to run late, such as traffic accidents, detours, train stops, no reception for her GPS to operate and weather conditions. Please know that we are always in constant communication with our escort models and we will inform the client if she is running late & why. If our escort model does not inform us that she is running late and she does not arrive on time or at all, without a reasonable explanation (car accident, lost, etc), management will use its discretion to remedy this situation in the most reasonable way possible to ensure client satisfaction and nurture a continuing business relationship.
  • *Please note: If the escort model is late as a result of an error by the client, (if it turns out that the client gave the booking agent the wrong address, was off by a number, incorrect hotel Rm #, etc,) Encounters will not be expected to remedy that situation.


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